1984 Corvette C4 Launch GM Drivetrain Display 1983 NCRS Judging

We held an NCRSUK Judging School at Claremont Corvette on the 19th March to study the Drivetrain in detail and compare this pre-production display to the NCRS judging manual. Interesting that the original 1984-only recessed-logo Goodyear tyres are dated 25th and 26th week of 1982, the alternator brace a no number prototype, and the alternator probably a later substitution. Most interesting discovery was the engine casting date of November 1982. So mine is almost certainly not the Riverside Long Lead Drivetrain, because it’s cylinder block was cast while that event was happening. Instead it must be another drivetrain built later for the European launch, supported by its leaded fuel exhaust system with no catalytic converter or o2 sensor.

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